Hi readers,

I’m here, trying to make my presence felt. For a number of years I’ve been attempting to put MY PLAN of having an internet business in place to “live my dream”. It takes time … I thought it would be quicker than this … I thought I was more internet savvy than I apparently am ….. I thought that by now I would have ‘started the ball rolling”…… but no; I’m still on that internet success mission …. however; I’m not giving up…. I’m still plodding along….. moving forward in my knowledge ….. eventually I’ll get there.

Its all about the dream of success … success into retirement for me personally. To have a steady online business related to things I enjoy, bringing in all sorts of freedom … and wealth … I could say “not only financial freedom”, but really although some might disagree, life satisfaction usually starts with the amount of financial resource you have at your disposal … it is a great assistance when it comes to finding that FREEDOM we all crave. Freedom is the best wealth to have and some semblance of wealth is the best way to get it.

When I “discovered” the idea of an internet business way back in the early 2000’s I was confused by the total lack of interest of everyone around me, (about the idea of marketing / selling on the internet). When I mentioned what I was researching I didn’t have too many really negative responses … I just didn’t get any sort of response! Now a few decades since and I STILL cannot go to any of those who showed no interest and say “I told you so”, because I am still quite unsuccessful at making a retirement plan out of it. I have still not met a single person in my circle of influence who has shown any interest in what has become a passion to me, albeit an unsuccessful passion so far. So I continue on my “solitary” journey in the internet wilderness, trying to make a go of it, a solitary figure, without any help or support or interest from anyone, even my closest family. So it is something I have to do without causing an “intrusion” in the lives of those I associate with; without seeming to be a “whacko” to all those I call family, friends and acquaintances. I have to do it bit by bit, and time my “passion work” so it doesn’t disrupt my “other life” involving a close family that includes wife, children and grand-children, a few other relatives and not to forget our treasured pets.

What has kept me going … knowing that someday I will have (at least) some measure of success is this paradigm I live by, (in regards to my keeping such focus on my internet journey). Reading this makes me feel “justified” in keeping on trying to succeed in an environment of total disinterest, because this is how I see myself as having the chance to do something special despite most of the rest of the World not having a clue. You could read this into any number of scenarios that other individuals reading this might have about their personal place in the World. In my case it is about how I KNOW that there is an immense opportunity begging, if only I can capture that opportunity, while most, or all of the other people in my life just “don’t get it”!


Almost the whole World is asleep …. almost everybody you know …. almost everybody you see …. almost everybody you talk to. But those few people who are awake live in a state of constant and total amazement!!

It’s short and to the point! But that is more or less how I see the (other) people in the World. Only a privileged few like myself have apparently found that some of the opportunities on the internet are REAL. That there may well be something on there to get us out of the 9 to 5 doldrums that we have all been brain-washed into thinking is “normal”.

You may find advertising on this site for on-line opportunities that you might think are worth a look. I may get some sort of small compensation from the originator if I prick your interest and you follow through to seek their information. One thing I have become very good at in my decades of searching for honest internet marketing education is that there are a select few marketers that can be trusted. I think I now know some such marketers and I think so highly of them that I want to assist them in getting their teaching “out there”. You WILL NOT find any BS marketing proposals on this site. I have become expert at picking unscrupulous or questionable marketers and their strategies and I will never publish information about any of their products.

But having declared that there may be some advertising on my website; this sites main role is truly about having somewhere to write and remember my rants, my opinions. And if me, myself and I, happen to be the only visitors to the site to read them … the so be it!